Time for some Backup Power

We had a brownout this morning at our office and some work was lost. Time to invest in some battery backups.

After using laptops for the last few years, I recently started using a Desktop computer as my primary development machine. I can promise you both has it merits as I discovered this morning.

When using a laptop, the worst thing about a power failure is losing your second monitor and maybe a USB hub. But you can quickly move your keyboard\mouse dongle and you are ready to go again. Not so much on a desktop. Well if you don’t have a battery backup.

And you might ask yourself, who does that?

Well, me apparently! So as soon as we got back online, it is off to shopping I go. Picked up a couple of these in 850VA.

What I like about it that it has 3 well spaced outlets that I can use for power adaptors and three others for normal power cords. It also has a few surge only plugs that I am not to worried about, but it seems like very few UPS’s come with out them. It also has 2 USB charging ports. At first I did not think that it would be that helpful, but some of my devices these days actually power from a USB power adaptor. So it is yet to be seen how or if they get used.

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