I need a mobile device organizer

I have been doing a lot of mobile development of late. Testing with multiple devices on my desk has gotten out of hand!

I use Xamarin for developing cross platform applications. With Xamarin you can target Android, iOS and Windows Universal platform by sharing most of your code. The problem with that is every time you make a small change to your code you have to test on A LOT of devices.

The device stack on my desk right now is, iPhone 5, iPhone 7, BLU R1 HD, Samsung Galaxy S5 (6.0.1), Samsung Galaxy S5 (4.0.1) and Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Motorola Xoom. And all that on a very small desk.

Now as you can imagine it is quite a mess. So I am currently looking for a solution that will neaten all this up. First off a bigger workspace will be ideal (more to come on that).

My requirements are as follows:

  • Support a minimum of 5 “Phones”
  • CABLE MANAGEMENT (retractable cables)
  • Powered USB hub

So far I have not seen anything commercial that nearly meets those requirements. Maybe I should look at the maker scene and see if I can 3D print something.

Here are some links to components that might come into play:

Retractable USB Cable

Anker USB 3.0 10-Port powered Hub

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